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I find such an endless amount of inspiration from YEG and all of the people that walk through its doors. YEG is such a unique place, we all come in at such different stages, carrying such different stories, and for so many different reasons. Spin is an awesome opportunity to step away from the craziness of the world outside of the studio and just get lost in the music for 45 minutes. It’s not just a workout, it’s so much more than that. It’ll be loud, you’ll lift weights, and you’ll yell and scream. But the amazingness is in realizing that everyone is in it together - as one community and family. Everyone around you is there to support you and you’ll be connected with the person riding beside you even if you’ve never met them before. When you’re in a class, you’ll feel both this connectedness with everyone around you and recognize that, above all else, you are in control of what you make of that time and how far you want to go. Each class you’ll reach a point where you may feel like you can’t go any further, where your legs are burning, and where you’re soaked in sweat. However, seeing people overcome that, push through, or gain a sense of confidence that they never knew they could reach is incredible. It’s this connectedness, it’s the new Bikergang members that turned into close friends, it’s continued support, it’s the sense of accomplishment, and of course, the incredible feeling of riding side to side alongside an amazing group of people inside that room that inspires me every single day.

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