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15 Things to Know About your First Spin Class

  1. They supply you with shoes

    Don’t worry about the shoes you’re wearing to class. It doesn’t matter whether you come to class in some Birks or some heels, because guess what, you have to wear spin shoes anyways. Yeah, I know, what a relief.

  2. Bring a water bottle

    When doing a spin class, the thirst is REAL. Bringing a water bottle to class is so important. Don’t forget it. 

  3. The resistance knob

    Ahh the resistance knob. This little round red dial increases or decreases the amount of effort you have to exert while spinning. As you’ll soon notice, the instructors will keep telling you to “add in.” Do it. They’re protecting your knees

  4. Hand positions

    There are 5 hand positions and you really only need to know 4 of them.

  5. Grab a sweat towel

    During spin you sweat. A LOT. Grab a towel. You’ll thank us later.

  6. You gotta clip in

    Clipping in is something that needs to be explained otherwise it will take you forever to do. Quick run down. The bottom of your shoe clips into the tiny pedal. Shiny side of pedal up. Slide the front half of your foot forward on top of it. It should click. Getting out is just jerking your heel away from the bike.

  7. Spin to the beat

    90% of the songs that the motivators choose are going to have a very obvious beat. This is for a reason. Spin to it. It really helps with the pumps and dips.

  8. Never stop spinning

    Your feet should ALWAYS be moving.

  9. Start with the 2lb weights

    This is just a personal suggestion. When I was handed 2lb weights I thought “really? I can do better than that.” Guys. It’s harder than you think. Just keep in mind that you’re lifting weights to a beat and while cycling.

  10. Let the motivator help you adjust your bike

    They’re there to help you, let them!

  11. Don’t put your shoes on till you’re in the room

    Guys, the floors in the majority of the studio are slippery as all heck. Inside the actual spin part, the floor isn’t slippery. Only wear them inside the studio. Please.

  12. Listen to the motivator, they protect your knees

    Like we mentioned earlier, when the motivator tells you to add in, it’s not to make your life miserable, it’s simply to protect your knees.

  13. Show up in proper work out clothes

    Sweatpants and a sweater are going to make your life a living hell. This seems like an obvious point, but it’s so important that you are properly dressed so you don’t overheat.

  14. Every motivator is a little different

    Not every motivator does the same thing. If you go to a class and find it super difficult DON’T QUIT. Try another motivator! They’re all amazing people with unique class styles, keep trying until you find one that fits.

  15. Despite what you may think, you are more than capable of crushing it

    Spin may sound or look super difficult, but trust us, it’s an amazing way to get your heart pumping in an invigorating environment. You CAN do it, and you’ll surprise yourself along the way.